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Struggling with your personal makeup and imaging? Come to find us! And we will help you to well know with your own personality on makeup and hairstyling and let it to be a happy daily care for yourself.

Courses for Personal Styling

Personal Makeup Course

Fees: HK$2100 (one-on-one) ; HK$3200 (by Candy)

   HK$1500@ (2pax or more) ; HK$2500@ (by Candy)

Hours:  Totally 5 hours ( 2.5hrs@lesson x 2)


Help understanding the goods and bads of own skin texture, face shape, eyes, eyebrows and lips. Practical and useful skills for daily makeup and functional makeup


  • Products Knowledge (Brushes and Makeup)

  • Foundation Application:
    Choosing the right colour and texture

  • Concealing: Learning to hide the little flaws

  • Powdering: Choosing the right colour and product

  • Highlighting/Shading: Making the most of your face

  • Eyebrow shape

  • Eye Makeup for Day and Evening: Combining the right colours, liners, lip sticks and blushes

  • Eyelashes and mascara, apply extention eyelashes

  • Lips: Correcting, outlining, colours and glosses

  • Hot Tips

To learn hair styling just for your own benefit, excape from struggle generally and just to style your hair for every day and evening use.


  • Products Knowledge (Hair products and brushes)

  • Hot rollers, styling tongs, straightening irons

  • Brushing techniques

  • Braids techniques

  • Styles for office work and formal functions

  • Personal Styles for parties

  • Personal Styles for Events

Personal Hair Styling Course

Fees: HK$1800 (one-on-one) ; HK$2800 (by Candy)

   HK$1400@ (2pax or more) ; HK$2500@ (by Candy)

Hours:  Totally 4 hours ( 2hrs@lesson x 2)

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